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3D TV sets work on different technology from each other. For instance, there is the TV set that requires liquid crystal glasses for its 3D viewing experience. The technology requires a method to synchronize between the display screen and the glasses that the users wear for viewing the 3D effect of the images on screen. This synchronization takes place by way of a signal that is transmitted between the screen of the TV set and the glasses. The signal could be IR (Infra Red) or RF (Radio frequency). For a TV set that is using the IR technology the RF based viewing glasses would not work and vice versa. A customer therefore needs to be very careful when picking up extra glasses for their use.

There is also the case of one walking over to a friend’s house with their viewing glasses in hand to find that the same compatibility mismatch exists in the TV set and the viewing glasses. TV makers therefore write the line about buying only their viewing glasses, even the extra ones. There are also glasses that run on button cells and others that work on rechargeable battery in the glasses itself. For the ones that run on button cells it makes good sense to pick up lots of the button cells from some “Dollar” store in advance itself. It is best to store these cells (not being used ones) in the fridge.

Given the fact of the viewing glasses being incompatible between the IR and RF based technology, it is recommended that one looks for the ones by XPAND which is universal between the two.

The XPAND Youniversal 3D eyewear comes in two sizes, big and medium for different head size of people. It takes some time for the initial charge and thereafter also quite some time to be put to use. It can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth.

The reason to allow for some time after charge and actual use of the viewing glass is that it has to be hooked to a PC and a set up program has to be run which can be availed from the company’s website free of charge. The software also allows user to customize the settings of the glasses for individual taste.

The XPAND glasses comes with an RF dongle and a socket for fitting the dongle into it for viewing the pictures on a 3D TV set that uses the RF signal.

One would also experience the high quality of the lens that the XPAND viewing glass have which is better than what most other 3D TV makers supply with their sets.

Price of this 3D viewing glass from XPAND is $119 and it comes with a nose guard and case as well.

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