The 3D glasses used in Theatres high on bacteria

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According to a recent study conducted by Good Housekeeping, on 3D glasses, there was a shocking revelation that the 3D glasses which both come unwrapped and wrapped in plastic, carry high counts of “bacteria that can cause conjunctivitis, skin infections, food poisoning, or even sepsis or pneumonia.”

The research firm further stated that the glasses utilized are not apt and may cause a lot bad than doing any good as it has harmful effects invaded by germs spoilage.

However it was also stated that whilst doing the research a fellow member was even contaminated with Staphylococcus most common cause of staph infections.

If you are wondering how to protect yourself against a potential risk of these 3D glasses? A quick swipe with an alcohol wipe should do the trick; the Institute found that killed over 95% of the bacteria.

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    <<If you are wondering how to protect yourself against a potential risk of these 3D glasses?>> I've a better idea: Avoid 3D movies!!

  • Anonymous

    Every time I go see a 3D movie, they give me a new pair of glasses in a sealed wrapper. Where are these people going that they're getting someone's old used glasses?

  • Good3dTV

    Hey, allot of the times, after movies, they have a recyling bin for your glasses, all they do, is take those glasses and repackage them in plastic. They do not always give new glasses out.

    It looks like the glasses you use are all new, but they just take the old ones, have 15 year olds who work there give them a quick wipe down, then give them to the next movie goer.