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Sharp is giving the best of 3D TV experience through their Elite series sets, which have very high picture quality that the present technology can provide. It is indeed value for money that one would get through this TV set.

Bruce Schepers, the Exec VP of Sales and Marketing at Pioneer Electronics Canada says, “Elite has always represented the pinnacle of viewing technologies for home theatre aficionados around the world.”

It was in 2008 that Sharp came to own 14 percent of Pioneer by investing a sum of $358 million into the company. It has been Pioneer who have pioneered the Elite TV sets.

What would impress the viewer or consumer at the first instance is the metal frame of the set giving it a sturdy look. Then would come the high quality of image and color that one gets to experience watching the images on the sets of this series. It can even handle different lighting conditions.

One would also note the deeper black levels on the Elite series TV than that on any other TV sets and that includes the Plasma as well. Connecting sources which are non HD, like those from Netflix, or Apple TV would render crystal clear pictures on the Elite sets. Even the contrast is of high quality.

One would be fascinated with the effect of watching 3D from a Blu-Ray device and that includes 2D as well.

Watching NBA or tennis or even Super Bowl would be an experience to talk back home about while for gaming enthusiast, there are five HDMI ports to connect the gaming consoles and players and so on. The 3D TVs also come with a single touch connectivity feature to Netflix as also the built in Wi-Fi. There is also a huge array of video apps for playing streaming video.

The technology that the Elite sets use for getting this type of picture and color effect is the RGB+Y technology. The addition of yellow gives all these color enhancement effects.

Another technological extra that the Elite sets incorporate is the advanced frame creation system. This gives the effect of greater than 240 Hz refresh rate and thereby giving better picture clarity.

The size of the sets that would be available are 70 inch with 691/2 inch diag and 60 inch with the diagonal length being 60 1/32 inch. Launch of the products would be in August this year.

Price has been fixed at $5,999.99 for the 60 inch and of $8,999.99 for the 70 inch set. Only premium resellers of audio and video sets would be stores through whom the Elite sets would be available for sale.

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