Philips introduces the world’s first cinema proportion full HD 3D LED Pro TV with Ambilight

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Philips is well known all over as a force to reckon with in the filed of consumer electronics. So when they start something new, or invest in something that they haven’t tried out before, they are expected to make it big. That is exactly what Philips did with the launch of the Philips Cinema 21:9 Full HD 3D LED Pro TV series equipped with Ambilight. The ultra wide model of the TV comes with Perfect Pixel HD engine and LED Pro which complements the 21:9 movie format. The television gives near real pictures with immersive Ambilight and 3D technologies. Hence the viewers will not experience any black bars and no attenuation of video due to lack of or unutilized screen space. What the Ambilight technology does is, it surrounds the screen, making it look seemingly even wider, thus providing a more intense TV viewing experience while watching movies.

Philips TV has recently launched a vast range of LED, LCD and Ultra Slim televisions marking their entrance into the television market. Now with this amazing product they have broken new grounds and have introduced a new ‘type’ of television. They have not only stamped their authority on the market with this product but also have sent a clear message that they are willing to fulfill the Indian demand of movie viewing experience at home.

Neeraj Sethi, Chief Operating Officer – Philips Televisions in India, PE Electronics Ltd, has stated that a product like Cinema 21:9 gives the viewers a world class Home entertainment experience and that they are expecting to reach out to high profile consumers who are very passionate about watching films. He added that they have tried to enhance movie viewing at home and recreate the entire movie experience that one gets visiting a theater. Thus this television may be called the first of its kind.

The Philips Cinema 21:9 model will soon be made available to customers at flagship stores of Philips and at various showrooms of the company.

Philips Cinema 21:9 has an aspect ratio of 21:9 giving the widescreen experience and Ambilight Spectra 3 technology which has been exclusively introduced by Philips. The television also includes a Full HD 3D option that is bound to take your movie watching experience to a new level. Other unique features of the model include 2,560 x 1,080 screen resolution, 400Hz & Perfect Natural Motion for ultra-smooth Full HD movies & Philips Net TV with Wi-Fi that allows you the freedom of accessing the World Wide Web through wireless net.

The Ambilight Spectra 3 can be called the icing on the cake. It produces a glow of light around the back of the screen giving you the best movie experience. Well, if you are amazed, then read this. The Ambilight Technology is also capable of adjusting itself to various colors of walls. Moreover for those who follow movies closely will love the experience of hearing cinematic audio, just as intended by the filmmaker.

Philips Cinema 21:9 is a cinema proportion 3D TV lets you watch movies on wide screen and that too in HD. What more do you want from a television. But as technology advances we look forward to something even more spectacular in the coming decade.

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