Passive May Overtake Active 3D This Year

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The battle between active and passive technology continues unabated. But the end of the battle appears to be nearing.

While there are die hard fans of active 3d technology, what seems apparent is that it would be passive technology that would come out the winner for this year.

As 3DFocus has pointed out, “Passive 3D TV has a number of distinct advantages over the active systems, and that is becoming more and more apparent. Most of the CE manufacturers launched initially with active systems, because the cost and time-to-market is much quicker, but we are now seeing them launch passive 3D TVs.”

Cost is one of the most important factors that place passive 3D at an advantage over active technology. The cost of the glasses that is required to view active 3D TV sets is quite an amount which passive sets do not require.

The investment that one has to incur for the 3D viewing glasses is quite a long term prospect.

3D Focus further adds, “Expensive glasses will naturally lead to a much higher bundle price for the consumer and there are typically not enough bundled glasses to satisfy the needs of the average family – leading to yet more expense.”

There is also the flicker effect that is much lesser in case of passive 3D technology which 3DFocus states, “Active 3D works on a system of constant shuttering, which causes flicker and can bother viewers who are sensitive to low refresh rates. Passive 3D, on the other hand, avoids that flicker effect, as it shows both images at once.”

Though 3DFocus is quite sure that it would be passive technology that would be the final winner, there is yet the aspect on what the manufacturers make and supply to the market that would play a part on the 3D war between the two technologies.

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