NBC to Broadcast Summer Olympics 2012 in 3D

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The Summer Olympics 2012 is one of the major sporting events that the world waits with bated breath. Most of the viewers watch the events on their television sets and therefore a 3D broadcast of the same would add to the viewing pleasure of limitless number of people. NBC America is bringing this event in 3D for viewers across the world. It would however not be a live show that people will be able to view since the event would be aired after the same has been worked on by 3reedom digital.

This company has been known for quite a many program telecast in 3D on National Geographic, Discovery and APTN. The production work would be carried out at the company’s facility at the Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT). Announcement to this effect was made by Diane Woods, the VP of 3reedom Digital. However, NBC isn’t alone for BBC too is reported to be telecasting the event in 3D

Canadian viewers are known to have a liking for programs that originate in the US. There are a number of 3D making houses in the US namely ESPN, Xfinity, National Geographic and also YouTube. In contrast, Canadian production houses have been able to create only the Queen event which was done by 3D Camera Company and two Hockey events.

Whether Canadian viewers would get the privilege to view the Olympic in 3D is not yet certain. For this the production companies that are going to broadcast their content in 3D would have to allow the Canadian service providers access to their content. No talk on these aspects has yet been mentioned.

Also, 3D shooting has one peculiar problem associated with it, it being the format that is viewable on only one type of screen that the shooting has been done for. The types of screen are IMAX, general cinema and television.

Even though Avatar made a big hit amongst the viewers, there has not been much of progress thereafter given the lack of directors who can take on such work.

A panel discussion on 3D named Stereoscopic 3D Production Seminar brought out that the good 3D productions are few while bad is quite a lot. This is leading to disinterest in viewers of this format. Avatar and Hugo are but the few that one can classify as good 3D production. Barring these, others have been far from satisfactory.

One of the panelists, the CEO if SK Films, Jonathan Barker, brought out the issue of establishing the reason for 3D content. That it was supposed to incite greater interest in the viewer though at a cost.

With the high cost that 3D shooting entails, one must have a focus on the budget laid out for a particular shoot. Directors would have to face serious consequences if they did not bear this factor in mind. Bill White of 3D Camera Company brought out that the cost of one minute production of 3D would be approximately $80,000.

There is however more returns one can expect from a 3D production. Far more than 2D if it is made in the right context. Cineplex Odeon is one theater that screens both 2D and 3D shows. Such places would naturally accept more of 3D productions.

So far as health risk goes, the panelists were of the opinion that if done correctly the entertainment factor weighs out the minimal health risks that are being talked about. The panelists also brought on the aspect of greater comprehension power that 3d provided when it came to matters of academics.

Currently the cost of making 3D being high could reduce after events like Olympics 2012 is showcased in 3D and people go for this technology. The first breakthrough in 3D production had been seen in 2002 when DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) had brought in the cost effective 3D production technology to the world. With 3d growing in popularity the panel was of the opinion that there would be further improvement in technology with reduced cost of production. The panelists also concluded the next few years would provide us with the pointer to the way 3D would go.

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