Here’s Why James Bond Should Enter The 3D Realm

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My name is Bond…..James Bond — the name that stirs many a nostalgic memory for both old time as well as the new flock of film lovers. So far as action film noir goes, James Bond movies have always held center stage. The film titled Goldfinger where the action takes place in Fort Knox and the object is an Atom bomb had enthralled many a young and old mind alike of the times. The movie was then available only on the silver screen and in enclosed theater halls with their sound and light effects playing on the mind. The movies are now available in Blu-ray and the effect on the small screen is yet the same. But the taste of the people has changed with Daniel Craig coming up with a completely new angle of depicting the story. The Russian angle that was the main focus of the past is being changed with the new series of the movie that is being made under the title of SKYFALL.

Bond films had their main attraction in the stunts that were displayed. These stunts had been enacted in real, though with professional stunt artistes, and the vehicle stunts with real life cars. The scenes had not been digitally created and that gives the scene its breathtaking effects. Now it is the same that 3D is expected to give its viewers.

When it comes to depth, the experience of sensing depth on a 2D medium gives the whole viewing experience a new meaning. It is however to be noted, that the sense of depth need not be panning the entire visual story telling time. There would be certain scenes that demand a 3D effect and these are what the director or other cinematic people have to identify.

The current information that one can gain about 3D as of now is what has been made public till now and that is quite scarce. Unless, someone is from the MGM studios or the likes, it is not possible to know much about 3D making as of now.

For the present 3D movie buffs, the suggestion is to get an external 3D convertor rather than rely on the limited capability of the onboard one that comes with the TV set. There is the DarbeeVision Darblet or VEFXI’s 3D-Bee: trainer peripheral for considering. After having this device, one should pick up the set of 22 James Bond films that comes in a pack and that too in HD. The converted item may not be that awesome as of now, but with time the 3D experience would get to be better is something that can be realized by the viewer seeing these movies in 3D.

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    Bond will never be in 3D. It’s just a fad for techy fanboys, an excuse to buy a new TV when the wife disagrees, and a way for movie theaters to stick $5 on top of the ticket price.

    IMAX is the way to go.