Glasses Free 3D TV, The Focus Of NAB 2012 Event

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The NAB 2011 event which had been much hyped about finally ended in a big flop. This, even though the viewing 3D glasses had been provided for at free of cost and the screens were really worthy of watching the action.

The first time 3D came about to be shown on a flat screen was way back in mid 80’s and then it remained stagnant with not much progress in the field until Avatar happened.

It was at the NAB 2012, that a prototype giant screen of 200 inch dimension had been propped up. The screen had been developed by NICT of Japan as a test project. The still shots in 3D were just superb. But then the product on which it was being displayed was just a test one and not yet ready for mass production.

The technology that was being used for displaying the still picture on the screen was an array of 64 projectors at the rear of the screen. Due to some mismatch there was a band visible on the screen and also it was only still shots with no motion content at all which the company mentioned would be shown the next year on. The display was indeed a great one though just for advertisement purpose.

When it came to motion content, the demo 3D TV set from Dolby Labs and Phillips did a much better job. Their display was a 54 inch screen with 4k capability rendering bright and clear moving images. The 3D effect in this case however was not as clear as in the NICT set.

3D for the home sector has yet a long way to go and these demo units merely are pointers for those who are watching the progress of this technology with each passing day.

The issue of content remains the major obstacle for 3D progressing into mainstream home entertainment segment. Sports and block buster movies and some nature related documentaries appear to be the only themes that are making into 3D genre. There is also the issue of 4K displays becoming the standard for 3D, in which case the bandwidth requirement would also quadruple up.

3D being streamed across the current networks that connect America is not capable to handle this sort of data. There is much more to go in for that to happen and it would not be very soon that it happens.

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