Sony Playstation 4 Will Be 3D Compatible, Will Play 3D Games and Movies

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Sony has stated their new Playstation 4 gaming console will be 3D enabled. What this means is that the new gaming console will be far more comfortable in playing 3D games than its PS3 predecessor for which 3D was added as an afterthought. PS3 was made to be 3D compatible via a firmware update and was able to play many of Sony’s first party gaming titles.

Another of PS4’s unique ability is that it comes with HDMI 1.4 port which allows for a superior transfer of both uncompressed audio and video. This is a nice development over the HDMI 1.3 port that the earlier gen PS3 consoles came with and which greatly limits 3D performance.

Among the other positive qualities of PS4 is that the 3D compatible games will run on 1080p resolution while Blu Ray movies will be 4K enabled.

In short, the new Sony Playstation 4 is shaping up to be something that is truly worth looking out for.

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  • 1coolcapt

    it won’t play any ps3 3d games and none of the new ps4 games are 3d

  • AKA Takumix

    wow, I can’t believe the author of this article is so unknowledgeable that he points out the irrelevant fact that HDMI 1.4 allows uncompressed audio and video, whie the PS3 already allows bitstreaming of DTS-HD and Dolby Trued HD thanks to a previous firmware update, while UltraHD video is no use as sony already announced that PS4 doesn’t have the processing power to display games at this resolution…