3D Movie Popularity on the Decline in the US, Register Record Low Turnout

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The going is not turning out to be smooth for 3D films in the US and the below par performance of big ticket films such as ‘Turbo’ and ‘The Wolverine’ is ample proof of that. In case of the 3D animated Turbo, 3D contributed to just 25 percent of the total box office earning while The Wolverine performed marginally better with 30 percent of the $53.1 million it grossed in the opening weekend coming from ticket sales of its 3D version.

“We have become increasingly concerned that these lower levels will actually represent the norm going forward versus a recent exception as consumers are likely to remain increasingly choosy with 3D premiums,” Eric Wold, B. Riley & Co analyst stated in a note to investors.

Both the above mentioned figures represent a new low in 3D movie earnings, superseding the previous low that Monsters University and World War Z accounted for. Monsters University made $82 million at the box office though 3D contributed just 31 percent to it while for World War Z, 3D accounted 34 percent of the 66 million that it earned.

The above trend though is not applicable to other regions in the world as 3D films seems to be doing brisk business in countries like Russia and China. However, its just the opposite trend that is evident in the UK where popularity of 3D films is on the decline.

Maybe what James Cameron has said is right. Film makers are jumping on to the 3D bandwagon indiscriminately which in turn is bringing a bad name to the 3D format. Meanwhile, the latest revelation comes close on the heels of another report which stated 3D ticket priced is on the rise in the US.

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